At MyDogWalker we are always striving to improve our services.

We spent six years looking for a suitable location to house a unique ‘Day Care Centre’ for dogs, one that would be close enough to London to travel to, but with the space and environment to provide an ideal getaway for the “urban dog”.

Because we are serious about our business we made a substantial investment in a property comprising of a total of 15 acres of pure dog luxury, just 15 minutes from Putney Bridge and we are now the only 5* rated facility this close to the centre of London.

Whilst many people like the idea of their dog being walked locally and then being left at home, this can sometimes mean that the dog is not getting to socialise enough, with both humans and other dogs. Well, that need not be the case. At day care centre, dogs play off-lead and socialise with other dogs of their temperament and play-style. Human attention is always provided.

They have indoor and outdoor space of 15 acres where they can run, have fun and play, swim in the pool during the summer months and take naps on comfy sofas, in dog baskets or on dog beds, both indoors and outdoors.

If you try one full day care with us we can guarantee that you will have a peaceful evening knowing that your dog has had a great time. Your dog will be so exerted from being out in the fresh air that they will want to relax just like you do in the evening, your dog will also be fed and watered by us before being returned home.

We feed your Dog as per your instructions and all our foods are organic. We do not impose restrictions on day care, There are no contracts with small print, you can send your dog for 1 day or 7 days, whatever suits your requirements.

Please note that day care is only suitable for dogs that are comfortable in the company of other dogs. All prices include collection and drop off in London or Surrey. We can collect from other areas, but a price will need to be agreed. If there are 2 dogs or more from the same household we offer a good discount. Please call/email for a quote.

Our 15 acres are a total oasis for dogs. We have meadows, woods, a special enclosure for the elderly / infirm and also a puppy play area. Swimming pools and paddling pools are popular during the summer while our purpose-built facility has both air con and underfloor heating, so is adaptable whatever the UK’s weather! 

Day Care is a great solution for those who are working or have a very busy schedule.

MyDogWalker provides the highest level of dog care available in London, all dogs at day care have at least two 90 minute walks per day.

Some puppies or older dogs prefer to “potter” around and take a nap on our many luxury dog beds rather than take both the walks, they do what they like – there is no pressure, just pleasure.

Our exclusive, unrivalled facility includes:

*15 acres Of locked secure private land = No chance of your dog wandering off

*Fantastic location with woods, meadow and a clear, running brook

*Mix of manicured lawns and long grassed areas

*Secured paddock areas for dogs of different sizes

* 5 Star reception area with luxury dog beds – with underfloor heating for the winter month

*Air conditioning for the summer months

*15ft doggy swimming pool

Please email us or call 07921 121 338 for more information and pricing on this or any of our services.