My Dog Walker is proud to support a number of UK and global charities, donating a % of profits throughout the year to some great causes.

This means that when you use My Dog Walker, not only are you doing something wonderful for your dog, but you are also helping to assure the welfare of other dogs and animals across the globe.  

Here are just some of the charitable causes we choose to assist. Please support them if you can and click on the logos for more information.

Thank you.





Dear Mary

I would like to personally thank you for your generous donation towards the rescues of TWS.  This amount will go towards feeding, treating and rescuing the sick and injured animals of Lahore.

TWS is a non-governmental organization and we rely solely on the donations made by kind benefactors such as you.  It is only with your support and kindness that TWS are able to rescue and treat those animals who have no one else to turn too.

Once again many thanks for your help

Kind Reg


Romana Bhatti

Vice-President TWS




































Dear Mary,

It is heart-breaking to think how panicked little Proud was after her owner dumped her on the busy highway outside the municipal dog pound. Try to imagine her terror as she watched him drive away.

Proud dashed frantically into the middle of heavy traffic, desperately trying to chase after the callous human who had cruelly discarded her like trash.

Immediately hit by a speeding car, the force of the impact flung her into the air, causing one of her eyes to partially dislodge from its socket. Bleeding profusely from both eyes, as well as from her nose and mouth, she lay motionless in the middle of the road.

Proud was incredibly lucky that day. The next car that came along stopped, and the driver picked her up. She was terrified and in obvious agony, yet didn’t resist as she was placed in his car.

Seriously injured, Proud was raced to our shelter

Mary, without you, we would have been powerless to do anything when Proud was rushed to the Soi Dog hospital. But thanks to you, we were able to save her life.

I am writing to you today with gratitude in my heart for the difference you have made for Proud. Thanks to your ongoing support, another suffering, abandoned animal received emergency treatment and intensive care at our shelter and has made the most wonderful recovery.

Proud has been incredibly fortunate and is now ready for the loving home she deserves. You made this happen.

Without you, she would have died at the side of the road

On behalf of those who have no voice, I thank you yet again for taking action.

With kind regards,

John Dalley