We offer our canine guests a unique and incomparable hotel service dedicated to their happiness and well-being, whilst providing a home away from home. We want to make their move from being at home to staying with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, so that you too can relax without worrying that your dog has been left unattended or feeling lonely.

We give our special guests lots of loving care and attention, everything we do and offer far surpasses what is offered in traditional boarding kennels.

Our philosophy is that your dog is a part of the family and not just a pet, and that is why when in the care of mydogwalker. Every dog is treated as if it were our own. Some owners have been known to ask if they can check themselves in to our unique boutique doggy hotel, it is so comfortable and so much fun!


All dogs staying at the hotel will be collected in the morning and transported in one of our Mercedes Limo Vans to our 15 acre Day Care Centre, where they will run and play freely before being fed and watered and returned back to the hotel for the evening.

Our guests are never locked in cages or concrete runs, in dog sheds or outside kennels, they have the whole ground floor of a private house with comfy sofas, dog beds, lots of toys, constant access to a 50 foot garden and the most important things of all – love, care and attention 24/7. Some guests have even been known to corridor creep and the following morning been found in bed with our children!

Please email us or call 07921 121 338 for more information and pricing on this or any of our services.